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lyrics: Raquela
lead vocal: Raquela
bass guitar: Marko
solo guitar: Daniel Baniolly
music & arrange: Gutaless
produced by: Gutaless


When I’m with you
There is something brand new
I just can’t describe
So I’ll keep on singing
What I keep on feeling,
Burns deep inside.
All these senses!
What is it you satisfy ~
It starts deep within.
Is it “Heavenly send”?
Should I be terrified?

I’ve finally reached to the sun from this earth
Just thinking of your love
These new passions brought visions
Of god’s who are now watching us from above.
Now I’m wonder!
How these tears of mine desolve
No problem.
That steaming is only of pleasures I’m thinking of.

So Surreal, what you steal, from my heart.
It’s like fire. (The fire)
It’s unreal, when I feel, how I heal,
From this fire (The fire)
NO don’t you stop, when you do, what you do,
With that fire !
Come on and give me some more of that spark,
From your fire. The fire !

This heat, I’ve searched the world for,
It hurts so good, and I don’t know why. Yeah
Seems like I’ve been cold so long
Now you’re here and it burns so good all of the time.
Oh yeah! … Ha!