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lyrics: Saša
lead vocal: Raquela
bass guitar: Saša
synth & back vocals: Danijel mastaBear
music & arrange: Saša & Gutaless
produced by: Gutaless


I am strong
and I don’t need to know
which way I would chose to go
but I am wandering alone tonight
I caught my self lying

I don’t want to live my life
without your love
time is right to close up my fears
and open my heart
I feel satisfied
when I look in to your eyes
and see them shine

I need you so
oh, oh, I need you so
more than you could ever know

I love you so
oh, God, I love you so
more than you could ever know

I try
to push back my feelings
cause I don’t need this
but when I lay in bed tonight
where the truth will come alive